Looking for Nursing T-shirts

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just type this address into the search bar….www.cafepress.com/fucknursing 🙂


and blah blah a nurse

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So fast forward 5 years and drag me through hell slowly while your at it and what you get is…”and I’m a nurse and blah blah blah…a nurse”…I copied part of this from Drop Dead Diva….I love that show…sure wish I could say…” and I’m a lawyer and blah blah blah…a lawyer!!”  🙂

I-70 West

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Traveling I-70 west from Colorado through Utah is something that everyone should exerience at least once. It will lift the spirits and engerize the soul.  www.cabin420.com   🙂


Acer Computer

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Since this blog is all about testing the waters, what I am doing right now is seeing where I can get myself to rank in the search engines under the topic Acer Computers. Keep in mind that the word computer is tied to numerous other possible searches so I will try not to be disappointed if I can’t make the top ten. I’ll try but what I am really hoping for is to be right at the top somewhere. Wish me luck if you happen to stop by!

Just Call me Nurse Jackie

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This blog holds a special place in my heart because it reminds me of a time when things may have been rough but for the most part I was a pretty happy girl driven by passion for some simple things that I loved! Check out my latest attempt to build a blog at


I was just practicing…because we all know that eventually that makes perfect!! P.S. what was I thinking with the whole proudspinster name anyway…ha ha

What Dreams May Come

•November 13, 2008 • 3 Comments

What Dreams May Come is the title of this terrific movie I just watched recently starring Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding Jr.  It’s from 1998 and a week ago was the first time I ever saw it.  Loved It!  So I thought I would pass that along for anyone who really loves a good movie and hasn’t seen it yet, even though it’s been out 10 years!  🙂 

So what am I doing lately?  I’m still in school.  My counselor assures me that next fall I will be in clinicals if I keep my GPA up and all that.  So what do I do?  I take 2 computer classes because I want to learn how to fix my computer when it goes down, right?  So I take CISP 111 and NETW101.  It was the closest my college had to classes they thought would suite my needs.  Not, close enough!  So, I dropped the class with all the diagrams because I HATE diagrams! Hate em, Hate em, Hate em!  and kept the class that I understand……. but the teacher hates me I think! Story of my life!  So I have 7 more weeks with a teacher who smells (and he hates me) No surprise to find out it’s a male teacher that doesn’t like me?  I wonder how it is that you get a man to like you? 

Oh yeah, I forgot, kiss his !@%   Well that ain’t gonna happen so anybody got a plan B?


Oh yeah,  my friend Debbie took my pug!  She’s never had a dog before so I never thought to ask her.  So she asked me and they are in love!  Worked out good for everybody!

Straight from hell

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to a little piece of heaven. That’s where I am now! So for all of you single moms out there who are paying bucko bucks to live in a dump let me say this. As far as I know every county has a section eight program, it might be called a housing choice voucher program but if you are struggling and life keeps beating the hell out of you here is something that could change your life. I’m going out on limb by saying this but my rent is now $33.00 per month! From $600 plus all other costs related to owning a house to $33.00. In your case you could stay where you are now or move. To stay where you are the property would have to pass an inspection, to move you just have to ask if they accept section 8. Here’s what I found out some of the nicest apartments accept section 8 and the dumps don’t because they can’t pass the inspection ( or if apartment aren’t your thing you can use it for a house)! It took me a year after applying to get accepted because of the waiting list. I’m sure there are some judgmental people out there who have something stupid to say but this message ain’t for them. This message is for the woman who puts her kids first and refuses to take any crap from a man because those are the people I like. If you live high on the hog but have to bow to some sorry excuse for a man, then you can say anything you want, I’d still rather be me than you! To every one who is happily married, congratulations….but if I’m going to search for a needle in a haystack…….the last thing I want to find when I’m done ….is a needle in a haystack… Sounds like a pain in my ass! 🙂 🙂 🙂