Once upon a time….

There was this real nice lady who started a blog.  This very same real nice lady also had a job with what she thought was also a real nice lady.  Her name was pretenda, which is short for pretending to be a nice lady.  So the real, real nice lady offered to take 3 days of her time to help pretenda, of course the real nice lady would only be getting paid for 24 out of 72 hours.  But that was  o.k. ….. until pretenda told the real nice ladys’ daughter to “shut up!”  The real nice ladys’ daughter was just trying to say hi!  Pretenda said “I can’t help it I have a  short wick!  Well pretenda, now your short one employee….Cause the realy nice lady Quits….. and in a perfect world she’d probably send you  a kissmy***bouquet.  Yes my blogs are wierd…. but this one is just a fairy tale……. Like any fairy tale if you just try hard enough…. you could believe it!


~ by proudspinster on August 13, 2008.

3 Responses to “Once upon a time….”

  1. Wow, I think someone pissed someone else off. You go girl. Now on the post below where you mention that you are leaving town to work but you can’t discuss it. Okay I figured it out, you work for the Feds. you’re a secret agent. I knew it!!! Proud Spinster my arse I knew it was a code name…

  2. JJ,

    Your crazy!!!! 🙂 Always nice to hear from you! I’m still laughing so therefore I have no cool comeback….. but yeah!!
    Got your e-mail and I’m a working on it! A little bird told me I’ll probably have a little more free time in the future! That too could be a blessing right… In disguise right…. Air go the secret agent….I hope!

  3. 6 minutes later and I’m still laughing!!! I think it was the spinn the arse word. I keep seeing this one eyed pirate! and it’s funny!:)

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