Russia and the U.S. flexing their muscles

arrghhhhh!  War seems to be everywhere!  Now they are talking nuclear weapons.  I had a dream once about the towers being destroyed.  I didn’t know at the time that I was dreaming about the towers but after it happened it all made sense.  I was on a street that looked like the street in New York and all of a sudden all this dust started to fall from the sky and I ran into a nearby building and when I was inside some guy said “if you think that’s bad wait until you see what’s comming next”.  End of  dream.  That’s it and then when the towers were destroyed it all made sense.  3  or 4 days ago or so I dreamt of being outside and being nuked I call it.  It felt like a slow motion x-ray that made my brain feel like a record skipping.  In the dream I asked my mom “what do you think that was?”, already knowing what it was, but my mom said ” I think we’ve been nuked”  I said “I knew you were going to say that!”  Hearing it from mom made it real and when we went into the house there was my oldest daugter and her face was grey and so were my grandson’s.  I remember thinking how angry I was that some idiot did this to my beautiful family.  I wanted to kill the person and for some reason it was a woman that sent the missile our way!  Not sure what woke me up but….maybe I fell asleep with the T.V. on..  Were they talking nuclear weapons 3 or 4 days ago?  Let’s hope and pray it all ends soon!


~ by proudspinster on August 16, 2008.

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