My baby is crying over her pug

My mom decided not to take my dog.  She just doesn’t want to be tied to the house and she’s never really been a dog person.  I kind of new this was going to happen.  Right now we are trying to give her to a friend of her dads that I think is a nice lady and her daughter is my daughter’s friend.  Still even under the best of circumstances, meaning she doesn’t call me in a few days to tell me my pug is biting the ankles of her bigger dog, it is still hard.   Even for me, I sit down and the first thing that usually happens is my pug jumps in my lap and blocks the t.v. until she finally lays down.  Some days it was quick other days, I spent 10 minutes begging her to sit still.  She is one of the bigger pugs.  So, to my baby, I am sorry.  I just couldn’t live in this nightmare of a house anymore.  It’s like one of those t.v. shows where the happy couple or in this case the happy person moves in expecting the best and instead gets every imaginable nightmare.  I tried the apartments that let you have dogs but unfortunately they also let you have cats.  You could smell these apartments from the road.  Then the lady takes me in to show me one and I couldn’t get out fast enough.  The only good new is we are moving monday!  I think I will enroll her in as many activites as I can!  That’s all I can think of.


~ by proudspinster on August 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “My baby is crying over her pug”

  1. Hey there Jackie, Are you signing your pug up more activites or your daughter? So where the heck have you been? I can see what you have been up to, for one thing stop having those damn dreams I’m wondering if you aren’t alittle off up there (I’m pointing to my head). I wish I was a dog lover I’d take the poor pug, I have a Himalyan and he has a pug face so the two would be cute together. If you still need Tech Help go to and maybe ask him a question and he could help you. I use him for all of my tech help, I do pay him but I have him do big jobs. He is the sweetist guy I’ve known (too young)and so very kind. Just try in a comment can’t hurt to ask or try. when do you move to the new apartment? I’ve been down all last week (not blog,but my body) with kidney stones, I complained about it in almost every post I wrote or comment written. I hate that the summer has just flown by….I think I missed it. Get in touch with me once in awhile so I’ll know you’re out there. You aren’t by the Gulf Coast are you? We have to pray for La. again those poor people, I think they have had their share of disasters, don’t you? see ya JJ

  2. Hey it’s me again where did you get the little blue square that comes out after my comment? I’m interested in that? I thought I could use that as an avatar!!!! What do you think,,,, looks like me don’t you think??

  3. Hi JJ,

    So you think I’m Well if the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results, then well uhh yeah that could be me. But I’m not the one seeing little blue avatars that arent there! lol Well, I think they are there but I don’t see them! I take that back I see them next to my email name on the login page so I am assuming that’s what it is. If they are comming thru with my emails then they are part of hotmail! Did you ever watch the twighlight zone when you were a kid? I know it’s off the subject but that show use to scare me to death when I was little, your little blue avatars reminded me of the show where little blue men were constantly building our future reality and if they forgot a part of the scene it would explain things like missing keys. Anyway the episode with the really mean kid that would banish the adults to a cornfield if he didn’t like them was the scariest! Well JJ, I live in Michigan so winter is about to bite me in butt too and any summer without a tubing trip down the river is a summer missed out on. Next year for sure! I will watch the news to see what is going on in LA, sometimes I take a little break from the news. That’s probably not a good thing.

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