What Dreams May Come

What Dreams May Come is the title of this terrific movie I just watched recently starring Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding Jr.  It’s from 1998 and a week ago was the first time I ever saw it.  Loved It!  So I thought I would pass that along for anyone who really loves a good movie and hasn’t seen it yet, even though it’s been out 10 years!  🙂 

So what am I doing lately?  I’m still in school.  My counselor assures me that next fall I will be in clinicals if I keep my GPA up and all that.  So what do I do?  I take 2 computer classes because I want to learn how to fix my computer when it goes down, right?  So I take CISP 111 and NETW101.  It was the closest my college had to classes they thought would suite my needs.  Not, close enough!  So, I dropped the class with all the diagrams because I HATE diagrams! Hate em, Hate em, Hate em!  and kept the class that I understand……. but the teacher hates me I think! Story of my life!  So I have 7 more weeks with a teacher who smells (and he hates me) No surprise to find out it’s a male teacher that doesn’t like me?  I wonder how it is that you get a man to like you? 

Oh yeah, I forgot, kiss his !@%   Well that ain’t gonna happen so anybody got a plan B?


Oh yeah,  my friend Debbie took my pug!  She’s never had a dog before so I never thought to ask her.  So she asked me and they are in love!  Worked out good for everybody!


~ by proudspinster on November 13, 2008.

3 Responses to “What Dreams May Come”

  1. Hey Jackie, I think Plan B & C would be to weed out the bad ones and then you can finally find the one of your dreams. Have you read the Book the Secret? A friend of mine was helping me with my computer and she looked over at me my coffee table and saw my book The Secret. She exclaimed “oh you read the Secret? I love that book, I’m really into it. I replied yes I read it and like to follow it, I’ve even designed a Image Board. She started to tell me that her mother was alone and very depressed because she didn’t have anyone in her life,*(a man) my friend said she gave her mom the book and in it, it says that if you want a man and you sleeping in a single bed, then get rid of it and get a full size bed. Her mom got rid of the single bed and bought a queen size bed, and within a week and a half she found an older gentleman who she is now dating and have moved to Fla. with for the winter. The theory behind it is the single/twin bed in theory won’t let anyone into your life because you’re really saying I want to be alone, but getting the queen size bed you’re letting the universe know that you are ready to let someone into your life. Interesting concept don’t you think? But I’m not sure how your gonna get a man to like you, but maybe if you put the rules of the Secret to use, one would like themselves and then maybe let someone know that you like them. I’ll read up on it and if I find you something interesting I’ll tell ya. But I’m not with anyone right now either…but I must say that is my choosing! he he. How’s the other blog going???? I/ve got to find the name of it and get over to see it. See ya JJ

  2. Hey that’s picture up in my comment is not me it’s the prior owner and I can’t get rid of it. What happened to your gravatars, that you had??

  3. Hey JJ,

    I sleep in a recliner! A really comfy recliner. I agree with what you are saying though. We do think alike. A few months back I was in a store that had a framed picture of a super sexy indian. I always thought Nakoma from Grizzly Adams was hot. Around that time I was reading something that said if you decorate your home all female like it won’t attract the opposite sex. So I tried to go back and get the picture because it was the first time it ever occurred to me that I would like having a picture of no shirt super sexy indian. It was gone.

    Now my super sexy indian is lost forever! But your not! Love hearing from you! I’m going to pop over to your site and see if the door still slams in my face!

    P.S. Are my gravatars back? Are you talking about the little yellow flower or the little blue people? I’ve noticed since I’ve been back that my dashboard has changed completely on wordpress.com Don’t worry about looking at the other site yet, I was gone for a while due to a lost connection. lol 🙂

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