About Me

I’m the only one wearing white.. Hey, does that still make me the black sheep of the family?

My Elusive Profile……. Copied instead into the About Me page.

I am looking to learn the inns and outs of this blogging thing.  I have been using computers off and on for years now.  I am always dreaming about owning my own business.  I love everything about my life except my crap financial status.  So I have decided to try once more to combine all the things I love, like photoshop and the internet to try one more time to find a way to own a business doing something I love. By nature I like to help other people so weather it’s simple instructions to a photoshop exercise ( if they are still using 5.5 like me) or hey maybe how to get rich instructions (which means I’d have to get rich first)… or at least well off then maybe I can get somewhere and have some fun while I’m at it. My financial life stinks.  It has always stunk for as long as I can remember.  But I would also rather be broke than have some man complain about where I put the mustard in the fridge.  Like that should even qualify as a complaint but I didn’t make it up, I’ve actually heard that one!  So I am 40 and I’ve never been married.  That’s not to say that I haven’t wasted my fair share of time on some jerk (ooops I mean man.)               (APOLOGIES to all the men out there who aren’t jerks, I know your out there)              ….Usually the same man for a long period of time.I’m not bitter though, I realize those men are the reason I have two of the worlds greatest kids (the rest belong to the other mothers who have the rest of the worlds greatest kids 🙂

I am also a grandma now and I loooooovvvve it. They happen to be boys so I think that’s good! My Grandsons are perfect and we’ve already decided that if their girlfriends complain then well it must be their problem, because it certainly won’t be my grandsons.

Still I have just one problem and it’s that I’m sick of being broke.  I’m in college and have just completed the courses necessary to be accepted into the nursing program.  If I get in then I know I’m only two years away from a decent income.  200 students apply but they only take 60.  I’ll know in about two weeks if I made it. In the meantime, I’m going to check out this blogging thing! I have always been a dreamer and I’m not stupid, so if a 17 year old girl who starts a site called whateverlife.com can buy a $500,000 house ( or something like that than why can’t I?)  So that’s me. I want to be rich but I won’t sacrifice being rich for anything that would do harm to the world at large.

This is my proof.  I have alway thought that a business that created little cermaic naked buttcheeks with lip prints on them and full of flowers would be a great idea to get rich quick.  The website domain would of course be …Kissmy***bouquets.com  I put little asteriks because since blogging is new to me I don’t know if a harmless little bit of cussing is allowed. But can you see it?  You could even add a little bit of hair to the butt.  People could send them to people they don’t like. I think it’s funny but soo wrong.  So I don’t do it.  Now if somebody does and gets rich now then I’ll probably cry but…  Oh well.  I think…


3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Check out this video! Teenager Gets Rich http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=So9doa8vuNw

  2. i like this design better, its still dark but the yellow highlights make it stand

  3. Hay my friend, love your web site and thanks for the link. I feel special. NOW get rich quick so you can order some AVON…
    hope you get into clinicals I will be praying for you and dont forget things happen for a reason keep your head up high and only move forward and you will get there…. LOVE YOU LOTS YOUR FRIEND

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