My baby is crying over her pug

•August 22, 2008 • 3 Comments

My mom decided not to take my dog.  She just doesn’t want to be tied to the house and she’s never really been a dog person.  I kind of new this was going to happen.  Right now we are trying to give her to a friend of her dads that I think is a nice lady and her daughter is my daughter’s friend.  Still even under the best of circumstances, meaning she doesn’t call me in a few days to tell me my pug is biting the ankles of her bigger dog, it is still hard.   Even for me, I sit down and the first thing that usually happens is my pug jumps in my lap and blocks the t.v. until she finally lays down.  Some days it was quick other days, I spent 10 minutes begging her to sit still.  She is one of the bigger pugs.  So, to my baby, I am sorry.  I just couldn’t live in this nightmare of a house anymore.  It’s like one of those t.v. shows where the happy couple or in this case the happy person moves in expecting the best and instead gets every imaginable nightmare.  I tried the apartments that let you have dogs but unfortunately they also let you have cats.  You could smell these apartments from the road.  Then the lady takes me in to show me one and I couldn’t get out fast enough.  The only good new is we are moving monday!  I think I will enroll her in as many activites as I can!  That’s all I can think of.


A day later

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than he was supposed to the owner of this house brought me my freedom papers.  Thank God!  I hate this place.  He didn’t have to let me out of this as far as I know, unless the land contract was not a legal one.  Most mortgages have due on sale clauses  that says when you try to transfer ownership of a property in a way, the entire balcance of the mortgage is due.  I thought he was just being nice but I don’t know.  He was kind of grumpy when he dropped off the papers.  Not me, I’m happy.  I’ll be even happier when I have everything moved.  Then I can get serious with this site!  My plan is to start with making custom headers like the one I have on my site.  All different sizes and designs to upload easily into the header space!  I’m sure I’m not the first one to think of this but I’m good when it comes to graphic designs.  So for the few people reading if you have any ideas of what you would like, let me know.  I can get busy in about 2 weeks from now.  First I have to fix the problem with my partitioned drive.  Cant fit much in 3 gig of space.  Or I’ll get  external hard drive.  Yeah that’s better.  If it will recognize it.  It aint got a clue who my printer is.  Kids are screaming take me to the park.  Gotta go!

Head towards the light!

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The man who holds my life in hands said yes, he will be over tomorrow to release me from the land contract that ties me to this hell hole.  Actually this hell hole is a cute little house in a nice neighborhood with some really expensive houses not too far away, but this house has a crumbling foundation masked by a fake brick skirting.  So I hate it!  Whatever wants in my house just has to dive under the fake skirting and head towards the light!

Russia and the U.S. flexing their muscles

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arrghhhhh!  War seems to be everywhere!  Now they are talking nuclear weapons.  I had a dream once about the towers being destroyed.  I didn’t know at the time that I was dreaming about the towers but after it happened it all made sense.  I was on a street that looked like the street in New York and all of a sudden all this dust started to fall from the sky and I ran into a nearby building and when I was inside some guy said “if you think that’s bad wait until you see what’s comming next”.  End of  dream.  That’s it and then when the towers were destroyed it all made sense.  3  or 4 days ago or so I dreamt of being outside and being nuked I call it.  It felt like a slow motion x-ray that made my brain feel like a record skipping.  In the dream I asked my mom “what do you think that was?”, already knowing what it was, but my mom said ” I think we’ve been nuked”  I said “I knew you were going to say that!”  Hearing it from mom made it real and when we went into the house there was my oldest daugter and her face was grey and so were my grandson’s.  I remember thinking how angry I was that some idiot did this to my beautiful family.  I wanted to kill the person and for some reason it was a woman that sent the missile our way!  Not sure what woke me up but….maybe I fell asleep with the T.V. on..  Were they talking nuclear weapons 3 or 4 days ago?  Let’s hope and pray it all ends soon!

Credit Approved !!! Whooo hooooo

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Well I finally heard back about my apartment and they said I will not be denied based on my credit!  That is so cool.  It’s actually not as bad as I thought it was so now all I need….. is for the man I bought this house from on a land contract to give me a copy of the quit claim deed reversing ownership back to him!  If he doesn’t, then I will be hosed.  I don’t want to be toast or hosed or anything else that sounds like crunchy wet bread!  So, as hard as I try… my fate is once again in the hands of a man!

Need technical help

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Maybe some of my peekers can help me out!  I recently reinstalled my operating system on my computer.  When I did this DOS asked me some questions that I now know must have been relative to partitioning my hard drive.  I have 3 gig of space available on this side of the computer,  The other side is occupied by the original operating system.  So I can log in to either side.  Dos asks me this when I turn on my computer.  I want to fix it because of the space issue.  Also, I can’t get my computer to recognize my printer, even after reinstalling the printer software…  so that said… Today I spent  my day as a grandmother to my two boys…I am amazed every time I look at them!!  Me and the oldest one (16 months) played trucks…. While youngest one (6 months) took a nap!  Grandma made him a ramp and we crashed trucks and cars for fun!  So that was my day!  I hate to admit it, but after having two kids from 8:00 till 3:00 without any help from my 10 year old (she’s with dad) and after staying up all night playing on the computer… the grandma in me took a 5 hour nap!  It was great!!

Once upon a time….

•August 13, 2008 • 3 Comments

There was this real nice lady who started a blog.  This very same real nice lady also had a job with what she thought was also a real nice lady.  Her name was pretenda, which is short for pretending to be a nice lady.  So the real, real nice lady offered to take 3 days of her time to help pretenda, of course the real nice lady would only be getting paid for 24 out of 72 hours.  But that was  o.k. ….. until pretenda told the real nice ladys’ daughter to “shut up!”  The real nice ladys’ daughter was just trying to say hi!  Pretenda said “I can’t help it I have a  short wick!  Well pretenda, now your short one employee….Cause the realy nice lady Quits….. and in a perfect world she’d probably send you  a kissmy***bouquet.  Yes my blogs are wierd…. but this one is just a fairy tale……. Like any fairy tale if you just try hard enough…. you could believe it!